Second to Stockholm.

Back in September I headed to Gothenburg, to some Stockholm’s lesser sister city. We mainly headed there in the quest to tick another country off the list for one of my friends aiming to get to 30 countries before turning 30, but it didn’t disappoint. I’d heard mixed things about both Gothenburg and Stockholm, either way IKEA style meatballs factored in the lure of Sweden. In the end we decided Gothenburg was something a bit different.

IMG-20160910-WA0039It’s quite a low key city in many respects and one where you need to want to seek out places to go and probably not one for a lone trip – food and drink will power you round alongside good chatter, not plentiful new backpacker friends.

It was a great little escape and we trooped through the chill to;

  • Eat great meatballs – We found Smakka to perfectly satisfy our need for an elevated IKEA delight – IKEA won’t taste the same again and there was definitely no horse meat at Smakka.
  • The boat tour – for those of you who have been to Liverpool this brought back fond memories of the Duck tour…without the sinking. It was a great way to take advantage of the sunshine and the sights and history surrounding Feskekôrka, Liseberg and the floating museum of Maritiman
  • The delightful district of Haga provided a great cafe and beer combination, great for a little jaunt that had a more local feel

Overall it’s a cool uprising city with a more local feel – Forbes had it down as a one of its 15 most innovative cities in 2015, it’s probably true that it just has a ‘feel’ about it, it’s one of those great places that isn’t as much about what you see but being there and experiencing a new place. A cliche but sometimes places just remind you why travel is great.


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